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Marina Del Rey Marriott Wedding Flowers and Sofreh Aghd

January 24, 2011

I was thrilled to create the flowers for Sara and David’s wedding. Sara was one of my favorite brides of 2010 and I really appreciate her modern style. The couple was married at the Marina Del Rey Marriott Hotel on the helipad overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  They had a traditional Persian ceremony and I also created the Sofreh Aghd for their nuptials. All of these photos are from the very talented photographer Desi Baytan.

What is a Sofreh Aghd?   It is a platform with fruits, flowers, candles, antiques, and other items that symbolizes a couple’s future. The couple is married in front of the Sofreh and after the ceremony guests enjoy eating the fruits and sweets that adorn the spread. I am not Persian, but I was trained on how to create the Sofreh Aghd by my good friend and her mother.

Sofreh Aghd

Photos by Desi Baytan Photography

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