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Long Beach Wedding at The Aquarium of the Pacific

November 24, 2010

I love animals. Everyone who knows me probably hears that within the first  few hours of meeting me.  When I was in elementary school, I picked the same Trapper Keeper every single year–the one with the wrinkle dog on the cover.  I am obsessed with otters, walruses, squirrels, owls, persian cats, and terrier dogs. I think you get the point.

So no one should be surprised that I was ECSTATIC to create the flowers for Courtney &  Alex at the Aquarium of the Pacific!  A wedding and animals??? This was really exciting.  I loved the idea of the aquarium as a wedding venue.

These photos are from Michael Farmer.  How fantastic is that giant fish tank as a backdrop?

Courtney is an amazingly nice, smart, and sweet girl.  She was planning her wedding in California while in the middle of earning a graduate degree in New York.  A typical bride would have been stressed to the nth degree, but Courtney was calm and lovely on her wedding day.  She chose pink as her main wedding color and she wanted each of her bridesmaids to carry a different bouquet.  I used pure tulips for one bridesmaid, lisianthus for another, and roses for the third.  Courtney’s bridal bouquet was comprised of soft, romantic pink flowers including: roses, lisianthus, and berries.

Here are some photos of the flowers during set up….

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